#MakeItHappen - Limmud International

The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation (“Schusterman”) is pleased to offer your organization the opportunity to apply for a #MakeItHappen: Limmud International grassroots initiative grant, specifically designed for Limmud International communities in order to help strengthen local event offerings and create/share resources to amplify your collective impact locally and globally.  

As part of this pilot initiative, we invite you to apply for a select number of one-time 2015-2016 #MakeItHappen: Limmud International grassroots initiative grants for up to $10,000 USD per organization. These grassroots initiative grants can be used to support the development of Limmud events and resources in the following four areas. You may apply for up to two of the funding categories, but your request should not exceed $10,000 USD in total:

  1. Capacity building or strategic and technical services for Limmud event development

    • Examples: Fundraising, communications, event organizing, business plan and strategy development, recruiting, etc.

  2. Training for local event volunteer organizers

    • Examples: Bringing a trainer for local Limmud volunteers or sending volunteers to a training opportunity elsewhere

  3. Supplemental funds to support local Limmuds’ recruitment of international speakers (to local events)

    • Examples: Inviting an Israeli artist to lead a workshop in Europe, an Australian Jewish innovator to present in Latin America, etc.

  4. Building or piloting local innovative and scalable resources that support cross-network needs of the broader Limmud community

    • Examples: Building a “how to” resource on creating a pluralistic Limmud event, creating a guide for leading a successful training, sharing an innovative technological advancement with other Limmud communities, etc.

Eligibility/A Few Details

  1. Applicants must be “recognized by Limmud International as a Limmud community” as demonstrated on the Limmud International website.

  2. Organizations must be registered as a non -profit in their country or alternately work in partnership with a recognized fiscal sponsor for receipt of funds.

  3. There will be one aggregate grassroots initiative grant pool that will have two application deadlines.

    1. Round one: For events beginning January 1 – June 31, 2016, applications will be open from October 1-31, 2015.

    2. Round two: For events beginning July 1 – December 31, 2016, applications will be open from January 1-31, 2016.  

  4. These funds are available for Limmud communities outside of the United Kingdom.

  5. Each Limmud community (as defined in 1 above) is eligible for one #MakeItHappen: Limmud International Grant.

    1. If you receive a grant in round one, you may not apply in round two.

    2. If you apply during round one and do not receive a grant, you may apply again if you meet the criteria in 3b (above).

Application Process

  1. Application. Apply for a #MakeItHappen: Limmud International grassroots initiative grant using the link below. All monetary references must be submitted in US dollars.

  2. Categories. The list of #MakeItHappen: Limmud International grassroots initiative grant categories are listed above in the introduction. You may apply for funds in up to two categories under one grant, but your total request cannot exceed $10,000 US.

  3. Confirmation/Rejection. In its sole and absolute discretion, Schusterman may either accept or reject any application for a grassroots initiative grant, for any reason whatsoever. Further, Schusterman shall be under no obligation to disclose the reason, if any, for accepting or rejecting an application. Schusterman will contact you in mid-November (round one) or mid-February (round two) to let you know if your application was selected for a grassroots initiative grant.

  4. Payment. If your organization is awarded a grassroots initiative grant, Schusterman will provide the applicant with additional information concerning disbursement of the funds. In order to receive the funds, the applicant will need to sign Schusterman’s grassroots initiative grant agreement, which outlines the terms of the project, Schusterman’s requirements for receiving the funds and reporting procedures.

  5. Payment Process. All #MakeItHappen: Limmud International grassroots initiative grants will be paid in US dollars by a wire transfer. Schusterman is not responsible for any administrative or transfer fees charged by your fiscal sponsor, your organization and/or banking institution.

  6. Fund Usage. All funds must be expended by the end of 2016, and accounted for using the reporting methods outlined in the grassroots initiative grant agreement.

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