About us

Limmud is a global phenomenon, founded in the UK in 1980, which offers the most extensive opportunities for Jewish engagement the world over. Inspired by Limmud in the UK, there are now 84 Limmud communities around the world in 44 countries running local Limmud events based on a common set of shared values. In 2015, 33,000 people participated in these Limmud events created by 3,000 volunteers.

Limmud International, founded in 2006, develops and connects Limmud volunteers worldwide as they establish and grow Limmud communities, by providing training, mentoring and support for Limmud groups, and offers a forum for the sharing of ideas and best practices. Limmud communities everywhere share the commitment, “Wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.” All Limmud groups promote learning, voluntarism, and diversity, yet each event is adapted to the local culture. You can find the Limmud values here in English, Hebrew, Russian, German and Spanish.

Limmud International is led by a volunteer team. David Bilchitz, Limmud International Chair from January 2015, leads a steering group that hails from multiple Limmud communities and are supported by a small professional staff. The Limmud Annual Review 2015 will be available soon as a PDF from the homepage. 


Key development and connection programmes:

International: Limmud International Gathering at Limmud Conference UK – over 100 volunteers from Limmud communities worldwide are supported to come to this international gaterhing in the UK to share their knowledge, experiences and build connections at the original Limmud learning conference. Here over 2,500 Jews of different religious and political beliefs learn with and about each other.

Regional: Training on Tour – led by experienced Limmud facilitators, our regional development and networking program reaches across the world. In 2014 our seminar returned to Europe, taking place in Berlin, and successful seminars was held in Latin America (Buenos Aires) and Africa, Asia, Australasia (Sydney) for the first time. In 2015 seminars took place in Israel, North America and Europe for Limmud volunteers there. In 2016 seminars are planned to take place in Latin America and Europe. 
Local: Bespoke volunteer leadership and development workshops and meetings with individual Limmud groups, from start-up through different stages of growth.
Online community: Complementing these gatherings Limmud’s growing online connective community includes a web-based forum, a shared resources directory for ‘how to’ documents, policies and templates, and social media connections.
Limmud communities include:

AFRICA : Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg

ASIA: China and India

AUSTRALASIA: Canberra, FSU Australia, Melbourne, New Zealand, Perth, Queensland and Sydney

EUROPE: Barcelona, Belgium, Czech Republic, Essen, France, FSU Belarus, FSU Europe, FSU Moldova, FSU Moscow, FSU St. Petersburg, FSU Ukraine, FSU Volga-Urals, Germany, Helsinki, Hungary, Italy, Keshet Baltics, Keshet Bulgaria, Keshet ExYu (Former Yugoslavia), Keshet Poland, Keshet Romania, Netherlands, Oresund, Stockholm, Turkey and Vienna

ISRAEL: Arava, Beer Sheva, FSU Israel, Galil, Haifa, Jerusalem, Modi’in, Sharon, Tel Aviv and Yeroham

NORTH AMERICA: Arizona, Atlanta+SE, Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, FSU Canada, FSU New York, FSU West Coast, Los Angeles, Mexico, Michigan, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg

SOUTH AMERICA: Bogota, Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, Chile, Mar del Plata, Peru and Uruguay

UK: Birmingham, Cambridge, Conference, Harrow, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland, Thames Valley and Woods


Global Limmud milestones:

1999 - Australia initiates the first Limmud event outside the UK

2002 - Limmud Galil launches the first Limmud in Israel

2003 - Limmud Keshet Baltics and Limmud Netherlands take place

2004 - Limmud comes to North America

2007-  Limmud FSU inaugurates its first conference in Moscow

2010 - Limmud celebrates its 30th birthday

2012 - Limmud China gathers participants from across Asia for the first time

2013 - Limmud Peru brings together a fifth of the Lima Jewish community

2014 - Haifa holds its first full Limmud event

2015 - Limmud is 35 years old!

2016- Limmud International and Limmud FSU celebrate their 10th birthday