Getting started

So you want to start a new Limmud...?

Here's what you need to know

Each Limmud group is an independent volunteer-led organisation. Limmud International does not provide funding for groups. Limmud International supports each group through leadership training, development, networking, mentoring and advice.

Starting a new Limmud is a slow process, but a very rewarding one; it usually takes about 12 -18 months from the initial stages of forming a group, until that group can deliver its first event - but Limmud International is here to help you along the way.

Limmud International's New Group Development team aims to support your community through the process of creating a sustainable community, your first event and beyond.

...what we ask of you

  • The first stage of setting up a new Limmud is for you to establish a group of volunteers interested in creating Limmud in your area, involving as wide a cross-section of your community as you can bring together.
  • We then ask that your group agrees to Limmud International's Core Values & Principles (also available in HebrewRussianGerman, French, Italian and Spanish). We also ask you to use our Limmud International Success Indicators.
  • We strongly encourage volunteers from new groups to come and experience the original Limmud Conference in the UK (this is held every in late December). We do not usually expect a new group to hold an event without some of its volunteers participating in a Limmud Conference in the UK first. Limmud International may be able to offer some subsidy towards the fees. Our experience is that local funders who wish to support a Limmud initiative in their community are usually ready to sponsor or subsidise some of the team attending Limmud Conference in the UK as a first step.

...and what we can offer you

  • Once you have a viable group up and running, Limmud International will send experienced trainers to your location for a training and development seminar, to work through practical problems as well as help your team develop an ever deeper understanding of what makes Limmud so distinctive a model.
  • Training can take place on weekdays, weekday evenings, weekends and over Shabbat subject to the availability of a suitable trainer who can address your group's needs.
  • Our Limmud International Project Coordinator can provide daily support (Monday – Friday) by email, skype and phone and to help connect you to other Limmud group volunteers who have had similar experiences of developing a new Limmud group.

Once your group joins the Limmud International family, it will be part of a network of learning communities which seek to support each other. So, no matter where you are (geographically or developmentally!) your Limmud will be part of a global family.

To get started please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for more information.